Looking For A Solid LMD Multicurrency EA Review?

Drazen Ziskovic created LMD Multicurrency EA.  This Forex robot became the winner in a two-month trading contest hosted by FRWC “Forex Robot World Cup”.  Imagine achieving 145.60% gains in two months. LMD Multicurrency did just that.  Real money was being traded during a difficult period of time to achieve these results.

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Mr. Drazen Ziskovic did something that most of us love to do, that is to trade the Forex market automatically with fantastic results. LMD Multicurrency EA consist of no indicators just only chart patterns.  He said he likes to keep things as simple as possible.  Darzen Ziskovic is no stranger when it comes to winning contest.  One of his successful EAs won fourth place at the Metaquotes Automated Trading Championship in 2007.  LMD Multicurrency EA responds well to constant Forex market changes. 

Why? Because it rely on chart pattern recognition algorithm.  LMD Multicurrency EA has a nice money management strategy.

Why? Because his Expert Advisor trades multiple currency pairs this keep you for having all of your eggs in one basket.

To constitute a winning FOREX trader you want to have a trading strategy like Mr. Ziskovic. There’s no same lay out strategy that’s beneficial for all traders. But instead, each trader needs to develop his or her personal approach to the FOREX. I’m not saying you should not buy the LMD Multicurrency EA, but you should know it would take time to understand the Forex markets. Mr. Ziskovic it took several years to really do well.  Now it’s you chance to mimic his success by own his Forex Robot while you continue to learn and study the markets.

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Several traders rely entirely on technical analysis while others favor fundamental analysis, but many successful FOREX traders use a combination of both to capture an across-the-board overview of the market and for diagramming entry and exit points. Again in Mr. Ziskovic case, his Forex Robot “LMD Multicurrency” relies on chart pattern recognition.

Technical analysis relies upon one important concept: Prices propel by trends. The common expression in FOREX is ‘The trend is your friend.’ Market movements have recognizable patterns that have been followed and studied over many years. A complete understanding of these trends and how they can be interpreted builds the cornerstone of a good trading strategy like the LMD Multicurrency.

Here’s a chart of the LMD Multicurrency…

LMDMulticurrency Chart


It’s sort of alarming to believe that some average guy from Croatia sitting at his computer, totally by himself, composed an Expert Advisor that won him $100k.

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